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maria got the hair right so i added the captions

i feel this picture captures who i really am inside

#nohomo tho am i right guys? lol



maria got the hair right so i added the captions

i feel this picture captures who i really am inside

#nohomo tho am i right guys? lol




So I’ve decided to do a giveaway, partly in honor of exams being over and partly because I’m fucking bored, but mostly because every single one of my followers are amazing and I love you and want to give something back to you guys :3

Of course, we must have rules:

  • Reblogs count- likes do not.
  • You don’t have to be following me, but I will include something extra if you are :)
  • No side/giveaway blogs- I will be checking.
  • Reblog as often as you’d like, just don’t annoy your followers
  • Winner will be selected by a random number generator
  • I’m spending a LOT of money on this giveaway, so please don’t give me hate if you’re not the chosen winner (please)
  • You must reply within 48 hours or a new winner will be chosen
  • You also must be comfortable giving me your address; I can’t exactly send you something without it, yeah? ;)

First place will receive:

  • Any two wigs from amazon.com
  • Any Attack on Titan shirt from Hot Topic
  • any two manga volumes of your choice
  • The Fault In Our Stars by John Green (or any other John Green book)
  • An SNK necklace of your choice
  • One piece of a cosplay outfit from anywhere online (So like you can get a dress or a wig or shoes or some shit)
  • ANY Assassin’s Creed video game for a console of your choice
  • A one-shot fanfiction over 5,000 words based on the otp/prompt of your choice- posted on AO3


  • A brand-new Xbox 360 with any three games of your choosing

Second Place will receive:

  • Any one wig from amazon.com
  • A SNK necklace
  • Any two manga volumes of your choice
  • A one-shot fanfiction over 2,000 words based on the prompt/otp of their choice- posted on AO3
  • One piece of a cosplay outfit (shirt/boots/wig, etc etc.)

Third Place will receive:

  • A manga volume of their choice
  • Any poster from amazon.com
  • a rabbit’s foot because why fucking not

If you’re not in the SNK  fandom and would like something from other fandoms, we can work it out.

Also, if you already have all the Assassins Creed games, you can substitute it with the game of your choice.

International shipping! Such awesome

Winner will be announced on August 30th!

Good luck!! <3

UPDATE: If you already  have an xbox, you can get a playstation instead. 3 or 4, I really don’t care which one you ask for. If you don’t want a game system, you can get $300 worth of fandom merch from ANY FANDOM anywhere online. Good luck, lovelies! A little less than 2 months left to reblog!!

url change! :)

If you had to make the Blackrock gang in to a standard RPG party what would each of them be?



(Using 2nd Edition D&D races/classes in Forgotten Realms)

Tee - Orc Barbarian -  frontline tank, without a doubt. Ridiculous strength and constitution, and surprisingly high charisma for a mute. Is usually the “nuclear” option when the odds are against the party “ah, screw it, let Tee kill them all”.

Zoey - Elf Ranger/Bard - tinkering with everything, and going extreme jack of all trades. All her points go into non-fighting skills. Frequently loses track of what’s going on. Takes on fifty sidequests for every “main” story quest.

Nilesy - Human Thief - Sneaky rogue type guy, high charisma, incredible liar, Gets the party into as much trouble as he gets them out of with his motormouth. Has a running contest of “who’s richer” with Ravs.

Ravs - Human Priest of Waukeen - greedy guy always out for money. Is really lazy with the actual spellcasting part of being a priest, mostly uses it for “legitimacy” - prefers smashing monsters with his mace, and bashing them with his shield. Drinks A LOT of alcohol - “to drink is divine”.

Rythian - Half-Elf Sorcerer - the reluctant party leader who desperately tries to keep the party focused and together. Started the quest as True Neutral loner, has become Neutral Good since then. Frequently sighs and wonders aloud which god he pissed off to get stuck with these people, but secretly considers them his family.

I got really into writing these. Can this be an AU that people can post awesome fanfics/fanart about please? #blackrockdnd


With 768 followers you’d think people would throw my name around a lot more then they do

I’m like a ninja (More like a nonja terrible what passes for a ninja these days)

#Yes #that's a speed racer quote #shuT UP


someone wanted it rebloggable!

I literally spent all day from the moment I got up making that helmet and shoulder armor combo

Tomorrow I’ll be spray painting and assembling it and that means that I will be completely done Honeydew and the ONLY thing I’ll need for Ozpin is his glasses (Unless I decide to make his cane out of this cardboard here)

Speaking of cardboard if anyone need a shitload of cardboard I got’cha, I hardly used any of this giant ass roll, I have enough cardboard here to make an entire suit of spartan armor and I would if not for the fact that I would like it to be sturdier then cardboard.

I am so hype to wear these cosplays out, I don’t even care if no one recognizes us as the yogscrew, we’re gonna look fucking baller






Describe yourself on anon and I’ll say if I’d date you. 

Age, gender, height, eye and hair color, then tell me what your favorite something (hobby, class, music, etc) and what kind of date you want to take me on, etc


Wait so what are you making?

Armor for a cosplay. I’m being Honeydew from the Yogscast